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SMT Privacy Policy

In accordance with Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act, SMT establishes/discloses the following personal information handling guidelines in order to protect the personal information of the information subject (customer) and to handle related grievances quickly and smoothly.

1. Purpose of processing personal information SMT processes personal information for the following purposes, and does not use it for purposes other than the following.
- Identification/authentication according to the provision of services to customers, payment of the amount according to the supply of goods or services, supply/delivery of goods or services, etc.

2. Processing and retention period of personal information
① When collecting personal information from the information subject, SMT collects personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information agreed upon or the period of retention and use of personal information according to laws and regulations.

② Specific personal information processing and retention periods are as follows.
- Records of contract/subscription withdrawal, payment, goods supply, etc. in e-commerce: 5 years

3. Provision of personal information to third parties SMT does not use personal information except in cases falling under Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as the separate consent of the information subject and special provisions of the law.

It is not provided to third parties.

4. Rights/duties of information subjects and methods of exercise The information subjects may exercise the following rights related to personal information protection at any time.
1) Request to read personal information
2) Request for correction if there are errors in personal information
3) Request for deletion
4) Request to stop processing

5. Personal information items processed SMT handles the following personal information items.
- Payment information such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, mobile phone number, gender, email address, credit card number, bank account number, etc.

6. Destruction of personal information
① SMT destroys the personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as when the retention period for personal information has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved.
② SMT destroys personal information in the following ways.
- Electronic files: Delete files and format storage media such as disks
- Handwritten documents: crushed or incinerated

7. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information SMT takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.
- Administrative measures: establishment/implementation of internal management plan, regular training for employees, employees, etc.
- Technical measures: management of access rights such as password setting of the personal information processing system (or the computer where personal information is stored), installation of security programs such as vaccine software,

             Encryption of files in which personal information is stored
- Physical measures: locks in the place where personal information is stored/stored, access control, etc.

8. SMT in charge of personal information protection is responsible for overall handling of personal information and is responsible for handling complaints and damage relief from information subjects related to personal information processing.

In order to process, we designate a person in charge of personal information protection as follows.

9. Changes to the personal information processing policy This personal information processing policy is effective from 2016. 6. 30.

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