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Through a solution that accurately measures, analyzes and predicts ENERGY
A company with a vision to practice the value of human respect
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SMT 조직도​
the essence of efficiency
pursuing company
through an integrated method
A company that provides simple solutions
through endless research
A company that leads innovation 
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공인 기관의 계측기 신뢰성을 평가하는 시스템 공급부터

에너지 측정 IoT/ICT 디바이스와 AI 분석 솔루션까지

실질적인 에너지 효율을 추구하는 회사로 끊임없이 정진하겠습니다.

2020 ~


2020 IP Narae Consulting (4 patent applications for smart metering in progress)

Selected as a technology company for the mid-term difficulties in 2020 Gyeonggi Techno part
(Remote metering system development and demonstration project)

2020 Korea Water Resources Corporation initial start-up package project

2021 Gyeonggi Techno Park “Commercialization of Russian innovative technology” project in progress

Supplied Smart Meter Error Inspection Control System to KTC Daegu Jiwon (KTC)

Supply KTC Smart Meter RMU Evaluation Control System

인증 현황

(주)에스엠티는 고객이 신뢰 할 수 있는 제품과 서비스를 공급하기 위하여

항상 최선을 다하겠습니다.  

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